Building and selling homes ... over 100 homes strong!

RAHFH is not about houses, it is about homeowners. It’s about community.

Our program is dedicated to building homes, neighborhoods, and lives through improved housing opportunity. We build simple, decent, affordable homes to be sold to families currently living in substandard housing.

Rockford Habitat is for families who are ready to make a life-changing commitment to become homeowners. Families are selected on the basis of need for adequate housing, ability to make mortgage payments, and willingness to become partners in the program.

Join our mission. Together we can improve homes, families, neighborhoods and our community!

Introduction to Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity

“Housing as a product improves household health and well-being, leading to increased time on the job and in school; this contributes to family income and education, both essential to breaking the cycle of poverty. Housing as a process focuses on building community cohesion that in turn can lead to systemic change, more broadly reducing vulnerability to the cycle of poverty.” HFHI Strategic Plan

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